Monday, January 24, 2011


As I have mentioned in my last post I was inspired to learn SQL server in detail after I started following Pinal Dave's Blog.

Similarly few months back I saw my friend was reading something on her PC. The title in big letters appeared very attractive.

I asked her what it that she is reading is.
She said: Robin Sharma’s' Blogs.

"Robin Sharma? Isn’t it that guy who wrote "the monk who sold his ferrari"


I asked her for the URL.

I found the blogs from Robin Sharma very inspiring.

I browsed through many posts in his blogs and one of them was "60 TIPS FOR A STUNNINGLY GREAT LIFE"

I liked some of the points, laughed at some others.

Yet one point that caught my attention was "Read “As You Think”."

I got curious and immediately clicked on the link. Oh it’s another Self-help Book!!! That was my reaction.

Yet I could not contain my curiosity and searched for a synopsis.

The Synopsis was only few lines but quite inspiring.

"As we think we influence people around us. We have great power within us and we can shape decision of people around us. Decisions made by people which can change course of our lives."

ohh!! Is it!!. Let’s try.

I was going through a lot of job interviews those days and was always scared whether I'll make it or not.

I started thinking in a positive way "This person is going to ask me only the things I know. He will like my knowledge and experience and offer a job"

Every time i would go for an interview I would have only this thought in mind. It worked!!!! In a month I cleared 4 out of 5 job interviews. Amazing!!! Wasn’t it.

But mind is a devil as well. So there are some funny incidences as well. Whenever my lead would come near my desk I would say in mind "Go away". It will happen that the person would forget why he came to my desk and will go back to his desk.

There were multiple instances where I felt that the positive thinking helps.

What you think about yourself, you become that. Hence it’s really important that we control the way we think.


  1. really inspiring and motivating for people who want to switch .. :)